Online Grocery Retailing 2012

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This report focuses on four key issues. It provides an analysis into the context the sector operates in by focusing on the wider trends impacting online grocery and crucially it provides all the data needs, by showing how developed online grocery is in the EU now and what the state of play in online grocery retailing will be in the future.

Secondly the report focuses on real world examples where online grocery players have made the business model work against all the odds, by focusing on three key case examples. The report explains Tesco, the global online grocery leader and the reasons behind its success, before assessing LeShop, a player that is similar to the UK’s Ocado, in being more of a service provider than a retailer. This case example shows how big the average basket can become in € terms in online grocery and how long it takes for such a business model to become profitable. Thirdly the report takes an in depth look at the drive phenomenon in France, that has led to a growth explosion in the sector.

In the third section the report looks at strategic issues and actionable recommendations and highlights some innovations and growth opportunities in online grocery. We have identified curated shopping, subscription models, generating fulfillment efficiencies, customisation, the online marketplace opportunity and shopping lists as decisive going forward and provide in-depth analysis on real life business case examples.

In the fourth and final chapter the focus shifts to providing an outlook for the sector going forward. The report explains the key learnings around costs and states that leveraging existing asset bases and infrastructure is absolutely vital. Then the real first mover benefits are discussed and we give our view on how the sector will develop when connected kitchens and the rise of the shopping lists is becoming ever more acute.

Finally a section of actionable recommendations rounds off the report, where we give detailed recommendations what retailers and FMCG manufacturers thinking about the online sector should do next.

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