The Private Label Landscape 2012: Future Strategies To Win

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ResearchFarm is launching new service, which is absolutely free to access with our latest report:

The Private Label Landscape 2012: Future Strategies To Win – What makes the hard discounters so successful and how to combat them using their own strategies – study into emerging private label trends of the future, focus on health, local, convenience and social.

The report is an idea generation pool for private label innovation and propositions featuring international best class examples from the world of retailing.

The integrated service features a strategic report, recommendations and first class execution examples, such as in store case examples via a direct link from the relevant report section to hundreds of real life pictures taken in leading private label markets and at leading private label retailers around the globe (US, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Spain)

Links to relevant pictures from our database

With the report ResearchFarm’s team of Analysts showcase the leading cutting edge examples, retail success stories and answering open questions around private label propositions, giving clear recommendations of what to do next.

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