ResearchFarm reveals the online winners from the key Christmas trading period (France)

In this series of blog posts, we will offer a quick review of the hottest best sellers. We will benchmark categories for four countries, with France up first (check back for the other markets).

We will focus on the best sellers that are not the usual suspects but performed particularly well on Amazon during the Christmas period.

The data and insights come from a unique in-house algorithm which provides us with highly valuable data to understand the key products for Amazon.

  • Harry Potter held the first rank in December on 29 sellers offered this book for an average price of €5.82, far below the category average of €16.
  • For Christmas children books succeeded, as expected. In particular Comics and graphic novels are a very successful category on the French market.
  • But it wasn’t all fun and games for French children, as their parents invested in their future also. An English grammar book outperformed in December, shooting up the ranks from 275 to 147.
  • In France Playmobil toys are on a roll in b&m stores and so are they online.
  • On Amazon Playmobil accounted for 4 best sellers in the top ten for Toys in December. 29% of the items tracked were Playmobil toys.
  • Amazon 1P is the top seller of Playmobil products. Our data shows that the Playmobil toys had the widest fluctuating price swings. Seller competition for these most popular Christmas gifts was intense.
  • The average price point for this category is far higher than the usual online AOV, with €71. This high average is largely due to the TV sets category.
  • The best sellers in Amazon’s CE category span a range of widely different sub categories.  These include accessories for the new iPhone 6 or Raspberry products, the favorite small computer for makers and DIY enthusiasts.
  • One observable trend is that the best selling CE products online have a low price and are accessories (headphones, bluetooth, phone cases). 3P sellers rule these categories, in contrast to Toys, where Amazon was the clear winner.
  • Many of them are Asian companies selling directly on Amazon, most of the time using the “shipped by Amazon” option.
We hope this post was a useful tutorial for you on how to use our Amazon Trackers to benchmark online performance during key trading periods! Make sure to check back for more Amazon insights next week.