Some of our clients

«Research Farm publishes great reports every year, and each report brings a unique perspective compared to any other information available elsewhere: the analyses go deep, they are supported with data, but what I most value is that each report is built around a ‘clear story’, contains proprietary insights and even sometimes innovative projections into the future which help us to think out of the box.»
Global Channel Category sales – Nestle waters

«For us the ResearchFarm reports are so useful. The information provided give us the opportunity to increase our knowledge about the retail industry and its key trends.»
Rafael Florez – CEO GS1 Columbia

«The discounters reports were and still are very helpful as we got lots of detailed information and figures we haven’t found anywhere else. This has helped us to progress with our plans of expansion in the US and convince people internally of the market potential.»
Marketing Manager – Bonifaz-Kohler

«On DLF’s (Danish Association of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturers) New Years Conference we had the great pleasure to hear ResearchFarm speak about future trends in online grocery retailing. The feed back from the conference participants was very positive as they gave ResearchFarm’s presentation the highest score of all speakers, finding the analysis about the key success factors of chosen EU and US online retailers both very interesting and inspiring. We can therefore give ResearchFarm our best recommendation.»
Dagligvareleverandørerne – Danish Association of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturers

“I found the document easy to read, well laid out, and the content thought-provoking. It reminds me of the major considerations that affect our markets, and to address these key issues when approaching the global brands and retailers. Retail Predictions 2011 is a very good demonstration of the quality of how ResearchFarm operates and communicates.” (Technology supplier)

“The content is very interesting to us as we look after many of the largest shopping centres and we also represent many international retailers entering our market. There is plenty of food for thought.” (Property consultants)

“It was helpful. It helped me to persuade my boss to take on a project about e-commerce research. I was really surprised by the importance of legal issues, I never read that elsewhere before.” (Government)

“Thank you again for the study. These are very, very interesting, well explained (so, logical) predictions. Highly reliable and useful (I like the idea very much that loyalty schemes will move onto smartphones). It’s quite impressive!” (Publishing group)

“We have enjoyed reading your research information and have found it to be helpful in validating some of the other Grocery industry news information and predictions.” (Retailer)