What we offer

ResearchFarm is a boutique consultancy, specializing in strategic research for the Retail/CPG industry. The company is headquartered in London with dedicated teams operating from offices throughout the EU.

Thought provoking analysis combined with actionable recommendations based on best practise, real life case examples provide clients with key deliverables that are heavily focused on solutions offering strategic insight, innovation and impact assessments of major trends from within the sector and beyond.

Based on our deep understanding of the EU’s retail markets, long established professional expertise and experience in the sector our solutions are always pragmatic, comprehensive, creative, reliable and implementable.

ResearchFarm’s core offer comprises a dedicated report service, on site client presentations as well as ethnographic consumer research delivered in video format and a dedicated store pictures library for benchmarking purposes.

The company also offers specifically tailored, bespoke services on request and has a number of partnerships with other first class consultancies and blue chip service providers around the globe.

ResearchFarm’s mission statement reads: “Rather than being a mere service provider we strive to create long term, value creating and enhancing partnerships with our clients.”

Products and Services
  • Strategic Reports
  • Consumer Interviews
  • Custom research
  • On-site presentations

High-level analysis
Raw numbers and factsheets do not tell the whole story. Each of our reports is packed with added value and best in class analysis aiming to raise key issues and provoke thought about the future direction of the sector. Our actionable recommendations enable you to take insightful decisions and generate profits for your company.

The Analyst Team
Our analysts are based throughout Europe and have extensive experience in the retail sector. They use a wide variety of sources and our in house proprietary database to gather information and write reports. If you spend a lot of time at retail conferences or lectures you might meet one of them one day!

Superior design
We want our reports to be thought provoking and stimulating and we believe a beautiful layout helps the process. This means we pay a lot of attention not only to the content but also to the final look and feel of our reports. Once finished our reports are sent to a design studio where they are processed helping to make every single idea inspiring.

Best value for your money
Most of the time our clients purchase reports through our website. This frees up valuable time otherwise required to process orders and allows us to focus on answering requests or learning from your feedback.

High-tech experts
We are a young company born and raised on new IT technologies. We have an in-depth understanding of new social media and mobile applications and how retailers can use the internet to generate loyalty from their customers. Call us geeks if you want.

Client Service
If you want to ask an analyst a question or have a phonecall with us, simply drop us an email. We also make infrequent calls to our clients to get their feedback on our reports. This is the best way for us to check that our analysis matches your expectations and requirements!

We like tailor-made research
We spend a lot of time onsite at client offices working on custom research projects or for consulting missions. This gives us the best understanding of the key issues affecting the retail world. Try us out and ask us for something new!